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Golden Week passenger traffic is expected to reach 560 million passengers on October

Beijing, September 21 (Reporter Liu Zhiqiang) reporter from the Ministry of Transportation routine conference was informed that: this year, "October" Golden Week, the national road network traffic will remain high and smooth operation, or more than 10% ; Road passenger traffic is expected to 560 million people, an average of 70.2 million passengers; waterway passenger traffic 15.9 million passengers, nearly 2 million daily.

"Eleven" Golden Week, the national toll road will continue to implement the free bus fare policy. October 1, 0:00 to 8:00 on October 8, 7 (including 7) passenger vehicles and allow motorcycles on the general toll road will be free to pass. Among them, the ordinary road to the toll station through the toll station lane time shall prevail, the highway to the vehicle from the exit fee lane time shall prevail.

According to reports, "11" Golden Week passenger flow is expected to show three characteristics: First, the peak will be presented before and after the "double peak" distribution. October 1 and 2 to long-distance travel-oriented, large and medium-sized cities passenger traffic growth rate of inter-city highways main channel, and popular cities and attractions connected to the provincial trunk road traffic flow; 7, 8 ushered in the return peak, large cities around the road network, access to the city channel pressure. Second, travel to visit relatives, travel travel demand, popular tourist attractions passenger traffic growth rate is large, the surrounding roads prone to congestion phenomenon. Third, land, island, intercity passenger transport is still a hot area of waterways. Bohai Bay, Zhoushan Islands, Qiongzhou Strait and Guilin Lijiang scenic areas such as waterway passenger transport, passenger rolling transport will be relatively concentrated.



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