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QI standard - Wireless charging technology

Qi standard is the world's first wireless charging technology to promote standardization organization - Wireless Power Consortium wireless chargingUnion. wireless charging standard is introduced, which adopts the most mainstream of electromagnetic induction technology, compatibility and universality have two characteristics. As long as you have Qi logo products, you can charge with Qi wireless charger. In the near future, mobile phones, cameras, computers and other products can be charged with Qi wireless charger, which provides a possibility for large-scale applications of wireless charging.

Qi's philosophy is simple: all devices with the "Qi" logo can be charged using a charger that is also labeled "Qi". Travel no longer need to bring a variety of chargers and adapters, completely out of tangled winding of the wire. Qi is a global standard, meaning that you can wirelessly charge your device wherever you are.

Qi is a recognized leader in the field of wireless charging. Qi is the most widely used wireless charging standard, with the best user experience, and is the fastest speed for the market to bring wireless charging technology innovation.

Qi User rating: "Once you have a wireless charger, it becomes a habit of using it, you need it more than you think." Life will therefore reduce some trouble, no longer have to be carefully connected with the card, as long as free You can charge it. "

Logo: Qi "means" gas ", in the traditional Chinese philosophy," vitality "- an invisible energy. This sign is to ensure that you can anytime, anywhere for the equipment for wireless charging standards .Qi logo design simple and conspicuous , You can find this logo on a variety of portable devices and packaging.



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